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Si-Novation,founded in 2014, is the only innovative Sino-British  Joint Venture in China and the second enterprise in the world to master Functionalised Silica Material Platform Technology. Based on years of R&D by two Nobel lab members,Dr. Wilson Robert John, the founder of Functionalised Silica Material Platform and Professor  Sullivan, a professor in University of London, Si-Novation has continuously optimized the synthesis process and now possesses a complete multipurposel silica synthesis technology. 

Si-Novation taking 'Innovation for Business Impact' as the operation principle  is committed to the R&D and the process development of  functionalised silica materials to provide high performance and cost-effective scavenger solutions to customers in the fields of product purification, precious metal removal & recycling, environmental protection (toxic metal removal) and solid phase catalysts.


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