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Si-Novation focuses  on the development of new functionalised silica materials, using silica as the framework,grafting different functional groups with specific affinity for metals or organic substances onto the surface of silica according to actual needs, removing the targets efficiently. Si-Novation combines the basic data of theoretical research and practical application,founding the systematic functionalised silica technology platform. Based on professional data base, the platform has developed over 200 types of functionalised silica products, using its own innovation synthetic technology, mainly for low-concentration product streams, process streams and waste liquids, and heterogeneous catalytic reactions to efficiently  remove the target impurities and bring the high added value.
    Silica Framework's Benefits

  • Solid, easily to seperate
  • Big specific surface area 、connection with targets more efficiently 
  • High thermal stability and good solvent compatibility
  • Good solvent compatibility, no need to swell before use
    Advantages of Multifunctional Group Design
  • Designed for Application
  • Multiple bonding mechanism,more efficient target removal
  • Selective Adsorption of Targets
  • High affinity with target substance and high adsorption capacity
Low Concentration ConditionsEfficient adsorptionFill in the blank of trace separation market
> Si-Novation's Optimized Scavenger Solutions 
  • Customize and design scavengers according to actual needs to achieve optimal performance
  • Absorb target metals or organic substances with high selectivity and adsorption rate to efficiently achieve purification and separation target
  • Simple application technology, no additional maintenance, low operating costHigh-purity scavengers bring no impurities
  • The application process is simple, no additional maintenance is needed, and the operation cost is low.
  •  Excellent Performance
  •  Broad Application
  • Low Transport Cost

  •  Easy Application Mode
  • Optimal Cost Performance

    >Si-Novation's Novel Scavenger-Solutions
  • Removable all metal elements shown in blue shadows in the periodic table of elements (left figure)
  • It can effectively adsorb noble metal elements (such as platinum, rhodium, palladium, etc.) and analyse them according to customers'requirements, so as to realize the purpose of noble metal recovery.
  • Removal of organic impurities such as alkyl halides, halogenated ketones, esters, amino compounds, acyl and sulfonyl halides, chloroformates, isocyanates, isothiocyanates and organic/inorganic acids
  • Removal of boric acid, phenols, amines and alkaline compounds
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