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Si-Novation's expertise comes from Dr. John Wilson, the inventor of the functional silica platform technology and the technology founder of Phosphonics in the UK. , Si-Novation operates and manages the global market with high- tech and high-level management talents at home and abroad as the core team. Si-Novation has more than 40 team members including 6 PHDs and 6 masters.
  • Dr. John Wilson
    Dr. John Wilson
    Dr.John Wilson, the Chief Technology Officer of Si-Novation,Ph.D. in Chemistry, is the inventor of functionalised silica platform technology and the founder of Phosphonics Ltd.. Dr. John Wilson,studied under Sir John Cornforth --- a Fellow of the Royal Society and Nobel Laureate,has published more than 10 SCI papers and applied for 44 invention patents with 23 patents authorized.
    2018 - 12 - 10
  • Dr. Alice C. Sullivan
    Dr. Alice C. Sullivan
    Dr. Alice Sullivan,the Chief Technical Consultant of Si-Novation, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical professor in London University is responsible for the development and technical consulting of silane and functionalized silica nanomaterials. Dr. Alice C. Sullivan, studied under Sir Jeff Wilkinson--a Fellow of the Royal Society and Nobel Laureate, published 102 SCI papers and applied for 6 patents.Dr. Alice  Sullivan is also a Winner of the British Queen's Award for Enterprise.
    2018 - 12 - 10
  • Arron Yang
    Arron Yang
    Arron Yang,the CEO of Si-Novation, is responsible for the overall management and business development of China good at grasping the market dynamics and accurate positioning the market.
    2018 - 12 - 10
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